Links of Interest

Multisite, the Poker Tell and the Importance of Presence. This is an excellent article by Carl Trueman critiquing the idea of multi-site churches. Important article for pastors and church leaders especially.

God Is Not My Fall Guy and God’s Wisdom…but Mine. Mark Snoeberger has written two helpful articles over at the DBTS blog on the will of God and God’s leading. These articles (and the two books he references) are worth reading.

T4G Breakout Sessions: In addition to the main sessions at T4G, ten workshops were offered. The audio for these breakout sessions is available. I attended Carl Trueman’s on “Why the Reformation Isn’t Over.”

Sovereign Grace Ministries Relocation Announcement. Sovereign Grace Ministries is relocating to the buckle of the Reformed Bible Belt and C.J. Mahaney (and Bob Kauflin) will be planting a church.

From Age to Age. Speaking of Sovereign Grace, they just released a new cd. If you’re not familiar with Sovereign Grace music, they typically record theologically rich songs across a spectrum of genres. They’ve been a key part of writing good new hymns for the modern church. Their music is always worth checking out!

A Purpose-Driven Cosmos. Russell Moore writes a fascinating article for Christianity Today on our future in heaven. Here’s a sample:

We tend either to ignore the future, because we are so consumed in the drama of the here and now, or to see it as simply a continuation of our present lives, with our loved ones there and sickness and death gone. But in Jesus we see a future that has continuity and discontinuity. In his resurrected life, Jesus has gone before us as a pioneer of the new creation.

Perhaps we dread death less from fear than from boredom, thinking the life to come will be an endless postlude to where the action really happens. This is betrayed in how we speak about the “afterlife”: it happens after we’ve lived our lives. The kingdom, then, is like a high-school reunion in which middle-aged people stand around and remember the “good old days.” But Jesus doesn’t promise an “afterlife.” He promises us life—and that everlasting. Your eternity is no more about looking back to this span of time than your life now is about reflecting on kindergarten. The moment you burst through the mud above your grave, you will begin an exciting new mission—one you couldn’t comprehend if someone told you. And those things that seem so important now—whether you’re attractive or wealthy or famous or cancer-free—will be utterly irrelevant.

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