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Summer Reading List. Al Mohler has posted his annual recommended reading for the summer. One selection in particular looks great. I emailed it to my wife a few days ago with the line “Father’s Day Gift?” but as of this morning she still hasn’t opened the email. Hoping she sees it here…

Black and White and Red All Over: Why Racial Justice Is a Gospel Issue. Russell Moore writes a fantastic article on race and the Gospel and particularly in relationship to the Southern Baptist Convention. One of my earliest memories is of a substitute Sunday school teacher in my Southern Baptist church chastening me for putting a coin in my mouth. “That’s filthy,” she said. “Why, you don’t know if a colored man might have held that.” It might just be my imagination playing tricks on me, but it seems as though she immediately followed this up with, “Alright children, let’s sing ‘Jesus Loves the Little Children, All the Children of the World.’”

Two Things I Learned From John Stott. Jared Compton has some really helpful reflections here on godly ambition.

The Playful Puppies Bible. Thanks to Denny Burk for highlighting this. While our brothers across the globe face intense persecution and masses remain unreached, American Christians now have the option of buying this friendly Bible (publisher’s description): If you love puppies, you will love this Bible! Inside you will find 12 color pages of adorable puppy photos with inspirational thoughts that will encourage you day after day. Only in America. God help us.



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  1. Stephanie

    Your strategy worked, honey… Your gift is scheduled to arrive June 15. :) Happy Father’s Day!! xoxo


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