Personal Update: A Ministry Transition

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Over the last year Stephanie and I have had a growing sense that the Lord was moving us to devote ourselves full-time to the work of missions. In his kind providence, the Lord used countless little things to confirm and grow this desire in our hearts. God has graciously led us to an ideal situation in every way. About two weeks ago I formally accepted a position on the staff of Training Leaders International (TLI) out of Bethlehem Baptist Church in Minneapolis, MN.

The Organization

Training Leaders International (TLI) is a ministry dedicated to providing theological education to pastors around the world. The last 100 years has seen the explosive growth of Christianity in the Global South, so that 75% of the world’s Christians now live in Africa, Asia, and South America. But it’s often true that where the church is a mile wide, it’s an inch deep. It’s estimated that 85% of the 2.2 million evangelical churches worldwide are led by pastors with no formal training.

TLI seeks to meet this need in three ways: (1) by sending pastors, professors, and advanced graduate students on short-term teams to provide theological education, (2) by serving as a sending agency for those who wish to teach full-time in seminaries overseas, and (3) by planting schools in places where there is no access to theological education.

The position will be based at TLI’s home office in Minneapolis where I will work to advance the vision of TLI. Among other things, my responsibilities will include organizing, recruiting for, and leading 4-5 teams a year to locations around the world where TLI is training pastors, writing curriculum, mentoring and training those traveling for TLI in various aspects of cross-cultural ministry, maintaining relationships with pastors we are teaching, writing for missiological journals, preaching and teaching on missions, etc. I see this position as a gracious gift from God bringing together my burdens, desires, and giftedness with a great organization. It’s an ideal fit, and we’re both excited and grateful!

How You Can Pray
1. Pray for our church.

The single most difficult part of this process and the subsequent decision has been the fact that it means we will be leaving a church that we love very dearly. Telling the church family we were leaving was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. Pray that the Lord would sustain the church during this time of transition, and grant us unity of mind and spirit. Pray that the Lord would provide a godly, warm-hearted Shepherd-Teacher whose ministry will be Scripturally-proportioned.

I’ll be staying at the church until October 1st to help in the transition.

2. Pray that the Lord would provide for our family and grow our faith.

In making this decision, we are stepping out in faith to follow what we believe is the Lord’s call. We would covet your prayers that the Lord would sustain and grow our faith in this next year. We are excited to see the grace of Christ produce greater fruits of holiness in our hearts.

As is most often the case when working with missions organizations, the position is support based (we have to raise our own support). So I will begin support raising March 1st while remaining in my current role as pastor until October 1st. We hope to move to Minneapolis sometime in early 2014.

We gladly recognize that the Lord’s work is accomplished in community. So we welcome your help! If you’d like to be part of supporting us just follow this link and the instructions laid out there. We’re praying for approximately 5 churches and 35 individuals to financially partner with us in the next 9-12 months. If you think you or your church would be interested in supporting us, I’d be happy to talk with you.


Our sincere desire is that everything touched by this transition will move towards giving glory to God and bringing good to his people. Thank you for praying with us to that end!


7 thoughts on “Personal Update: A Ministry Transition

  1. leroy cole

    I am so excited for you and “the girls”. I will miss our lunch times of fellowship and the encouragement that young preachers give to old preachers. The hardest thing about aging is that we loose the “possibility of youth”. The “what else” of service. So the gray heads read mission bios, and rejoice in God’s continuing work in younger believers. I have now shifted my “name dropping”, from knowing , “that young Spurgeon” at FBL, to knowing “that young Judson” in MM. Works for me, just have to print new business cards !! We are praying for you and hope you make Emmanuel one of your stops. Maybe May 11th. May God richly bless both missionary and sending church.

  2. Jane

    Sounds so right! We are thrilled. Psalm 67 for our whole family “. . .that His way will be made known upon the earth. . . Love and prayers, J

  3. Tammy W.

    So excited for you all and yet bearing your burdens as you make career and residential transitions with your sweet little girls in such stages of transition themselves! Excited to have an excuse to visit the Twin Cities sometime, though!

  4. Brenda S

    What an awesome role God chose for you to fill! I’m thrilled with you and for you at this opportunity. I will be praying for you and your dear family during this bittersweet time of transition—and in the days to follow!

  5. Martin R. Ballard

    Wow. Sounds like the same thing two of our missionaries at Tabernacle Baptist Church, Hazel Park are doing with BEN ministries (Baptists Equipping Nationals) in the Middle East, particularly Egypt and Jordan. This is definitely a much needed ministry in today’s world. We will be praying for a quick and smooth transition. I guess you will be shoveling quite a bit of snow once you move. :)


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